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About Us

The Recreational Aircraft Association in Canada is composed of aviation enthusiast working together to promote aviation of all sorts along with the advancement of the science of amateur built aircraft.  


The RAA serves it's members in many ways. Whether your interested in building your own or restoring a classic of yesteryear or maybe just being a passenger on the weekends.  


At the heart of the RAA there is over 40 active chapters in Canada and a whole network of socialites that spend their time enjoying their life long passion each day.  The RAA is a completely volunteer organization.  The benefit our members receive is directly proportional to our collective contribution so we invite you to come and join the group.

Read through the web site and feel free to contact anyone of us via email or better yet,  Saturday morning on the field. 

We are located at the North end of the Brampton Flying Club's property and are one of Canada's largest RAA chapters.

The Brampton Flying Club is centrally located in Southern Ontario, just 12 NM north west of the Toronto International airport.

This is one of Canada's most popular airports for recreational aviators and amateur builders.

The RAA Toronto Region is managed by a Board of Directors

2019 RAA-TR Directors


  • President: Fred Grootarz

  • Vice-President: Alain Ouellet

  • Treasurer: Brian Heinmiller

  • Secretary/Newsletter: Ian Parson

  • Safety Officer: Alain Ouellet

  • Facilities & Tools Director: Per Lindstrom

  • Director: Armando Facchini

  • Membership Director: Art Kitching

  • Director at large: Bing Storey

  • Director at large: Tony Majkut

  • Director at large: Brian Cross

  • Communications Director: Ken Yates

  • Education Director: Fred Grootarz

  • Webmaster/I-net Issues: Paul Yardy

  • BFC Liaison: Neil Mont

  • Director at large: Wayne Woloshin


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